What Is the Thing That Hangs Over a Crib

Are you looking for ways to improve your baby’s visual stimulation and provide a more personalized touch to the nursery? Consider hanging something over the baby’s crib! When it comes to baby cribs, safety is the number one priority. However, once you have a secure and safe crib in place, you may want to consider adding some sensory stimulation for your little one. Many parents choose to hang something over the baby’s crib to provide visual interest, soothe and calm their baby, and encourage the development of hand-eye coordination.

In this blog, we will explore the benefits of hanging things over the baby crib, discuss different types of objects that can be used, and provide safety considerations to keep in mind.

Benefits of hanging things over the baby crib

Improved visual stimulation: As newborns spend a significant amount of time sleeping, it’s important to provide them with visual stimulation during their waking hours. Hanging a mobile or other visually appealing objects over the baby’s crib can help to engage their developing eyesight and improve their visual tracking skills.

Benefits of hanging things over the baby crib

Helps to soothe and calm the baby: Many babies find the movement and sound of a mobile or other hanging objects to be soothing and calming. This can be especially helpful during the fussy times of the day, such as when the baby is overtired or experiencing the “witching hour.”

Encourages the development of hand-eye coordination: As babies grow and become more interactive, they will enjoy reaching and grasping for objects. Hanging toys or other objects within reach of the baby can encourage them to practice these skills and improve their hand-eye coordination.

Provides an opportunity for the parents to personalize the nursery: In addition to the developmental benefits, hanging things over the baby’s crib can also be a fun and creative way for parents to personalize the nursery and add their own touch.

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Types of things that can be hung over the baby crib


A classic choice for hanging over the baby crib, mobiles come in a wide range of styles and themes to suit any nursery decor. Some mobiles are designed to move in a circular motion, while others have elements that move up and down. Mobiles can feature soft toys, shapes, or other visual elements.


Babies are fascinated by their own reflections, so a mirror hanging over the crib can provide endless entertainment. Look for a mirror with a secure mounting system and no sharp edges.

Artwork or pictures:

If you have a favorite piece of art or a special family photo, consider hanging it over the baby’s crib. This can provide visual interest and a personal touch to the nursery. Just be sure to hang the artwork at a safe distance from the baby.

Projector or night light:

A projector or night light can provide a soothing and calming atmosphere for the baby, as well as serve as a nightlight for the parents when checking on the baby in the dark. Look for a projector or night light with a soft, adjustable glow and no sharp edges.

Sensory toys:

There are many toys specifically designed for hanging over the baby’s crib that feature a range of textures, sounds, and movements to engage the baby’s senses. Examples include soft dolls with crinkly fabric, hanging rattles, and plush characters with built-in music or white noise.

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Safety considerations when hanging things over the baby crib

Make sure the object is securely fastened to the crib: It’s important to ensure that any object hanging over the baby’s crib is securely fastened to the crib to prevent it from falling onto the baby. This is especially important for mobiles, which may have small parts that could present a choking hazard if they were to detach.

Types of things that can be hung over the baby crib

Avoid hanging heavy or sharp objects: To prevent injury to the baby, avoid hanging heavy or sharp objects over the crib. This includes items like picture frames with glass or sharp edges, or heavy toys that could potentially fall onto the baby.

Regularly inspect the object for wear and tear: It’s important to regularly inspect any objects hanging over the baby’s crib for wear and tear. This includes checking for loose or broken parts, frayed strings, or other damage. If an object shows signs of wear and tear, it’s important to replace it to ensure the safety of the baby.

Don’t hang anything that could potentially entangle the baby: To prevent the baby from becoming entangled in the object, avoid hanging anything that has long strings or cords. If you do hang an object with strings or cords, make sure they are securely fastened and not within reach of the baby.

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We discussed the benefits of hanging things over the baby’s crib, including improved visual stimulation, soothing and calming effects, and the opportunity for parents to personalize the nursery. We also covered different types of objects that can be used, as well as important safety considerations to keep in mind.

If you’re a parent looking for ways to enhance the sensory experience and environment of your baby’s nursery, consider hanging something over the baby’s crib. There are many options to choose from, and the benefits for your little one’s development and well-being are numerous.

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